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Leather Pillow Bag Shaper In Medium Size (13,9” X 7,48” )

Store your bags in style! Our unique Leather pillow inserts or pillow bag shapers are a practical and simple solution for storing your handbags.Your handbag will maintain it's shape and structure in time while not in use.

Bag pillows are made of durable and scratch-resistant vinyl leather. The thickness of the leather is about 1 mm (0.039"). Our leather pillow shapers are stuffed and zipped with soft hypo allergenic ball fiber fillings. The filler fibers are scentless,hypo allergenic and certified by Oeko-tex 100. Fillers can be removed easily with the help of zipper closure attached on the pillow.

Leather pillows can be machine washed after the fillers are removed. You can even remove some part of fiber fillings to make the pillow softer.

Our flat style leather pillow inserts can be used alone or as a pair. Pillows can be used horizontally or vertically according to the size and type of handbags. Positioning of the pillows should be alternated to be able to find the perfect fit inside your bag.

We recommend using dust bags to store the handbags in a dry safe place away from direct sunlight.It is important to use the correct size of pillow not to over stuff the bag. Air flow is required to allow safe storage of handbags.

Pillow Size: Medium (13,9” Length  X 7,48” Width ) or ( 35.5 cm length x 19 cm width ) 

Colors: Black, Pearl White, Pink Blush and Cherry Red

Flat pillows are available in 4 size and 4 colors. Use one or mix and match different sizes to find your perfect custom fit.

You can find below the brand and model of handbags matching with the medium size of pillow.

Use single pillow for the following model of bags:

Balenciaga Twiggy

Chanel Maxi

Chanel large Camera bag

Chanel Vintage XL jumbo

Chanel Puzzle tote

Chanel In the Biz Maxi

Chanel Chain Me Small Tote

Gucci Sukey

Hermes Picotin MM 

Hermes SO Kelly

Louis Vuitton Neo (lay flat on bottom)

Louis Vuitton Trevi PM (1 flat to secure bottom part)

Louis Vuitton Rosewood

Louis Vuitton Alma GM

Louis Vuitton Alma PM - (lay flat on bottom)

We recommend 2 pillows for the following bag model:

Balenciaga City (Use 1 or 2 horizontally stacked pillows or pillows side by side)

Celine Mini Luggage (Use 2 horizontally stacked pillows or pillows side by side)

Chanel large Cambon tote (Use 2 pillows side by side)

Chanel Cerf tote (Use 2 horizontally stacked pillows or pillows side by side)

Chanel Cabas (Use 2 horizontally stacked pillows)

Chanel large Glitter tote (Use 2 horizontally stacked pillows)

Chanel large Ultimate soft (Use 2 horizontally stacked pillows)

Chanel Vintage Tote (Use 2 horizontally stacked pillows)

Chanel GST (use two pillows, one in each compartment - when Grand Shopping Tote is older and has creasing/sag)

Fendi Peek-a-Boo (Use 2 pillows side by side)

Hermes Birkin 35  (Use 2 Pillows vertically side-by-side or horizontally stacked one on another - recommended to alternate positioning from time to time)

Jimmy Choo Mahala - (Use 2 horizontally stacked pillows)

Louis Vuitton MM Artsy - (Use 2 pillows as one flat on bottom, 2nd pillow as sideways)

Louis Vuitton  Speedy 30 (Use 2 pillows to support the bottom of the bag and also plus 1 small size of pillow upon request)

Louis Vuitton Sistine GM - Use 2 pillows

Louis Vuitton Locket - Use 2 pillows

Louis Vuitton Luminese PM - Use 2 pillows

Prada tote (1786) - Use 2 pillows

Size combinations with medium size of pillow

Balenciaga Velo (Use one medium size pillow plus 1 small size)

Celine Small Trapeze - (Use one medium size pillow plus 1 small size horizontally on top) 

Chloe medium Paraty (Use one medium size pillow plus 1 small size up on request) 

Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 (Use one medium size pillow plus 1 small size stacked )

And many more brands... If you don't see your bag listed, you can measure and see if the size fits or not.
Our leather pillows would fit in handbags that have similar size with the above brand and models.

The term 'Chanel' , 'Louis Vuitton' , 'Hermes' , 'Balenciaga' , 'Celine' , ' Chloe' , 'Prada' , 'Fendi', 'Jimmy Choo' and associated model names are a trademark of their own. The Leather pillow bag shapers fit in these bags but is not endorsed or certified by these brands.

About the organizer
MaterialVegan (Vinyl) Leather
Matching ModelChanel, Louis Vuitton ,Hermes, Balenciaga, Celine, Chloe, Prada, Fendi, Jimmy Choo

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  • Avoid leaving the bag for extended periods in harsh sunlight because the biggest problem with faux /vegan leather is cracking. Sunlight can make the material brittle over time
  • We recommend applying natural baby oil to prevent the leather material against cracking by the exposure of temperature and sunlight over time. 
  • A damp cloth should be enough to remove any dust and grime. We recommend “vinegar” to be applied as a natural way to remove stains out of the material. Do not machine wash!
  • ​Avoid using harsh cleaners since these can affect the composition of the material and make it stiff.
  • Leather cleaners and conditioners can also be used for the vegan leather organizers
  • All of our items except for the customized or personalized items can be refunded in case of damages, lossesdefects, broken or corrupted goods caused by us. However, any damages caused by the misuse of items are not covered by a refund
  • Custom and personalized items can not be refunded due to the fact that they are specially made for our customers.
  • Buyers are responsible for the shipment of return items. It is required for buyers to pay for return shipping cost in any case.
  • Cancellation of "made to order" items can be accepted only within 24 hours after placing the order. Since your item would be completed, If you exceed this time frame, your cancellation would not be accepted.
  • Shipping costs are not refundable even for the free shipping items. Only the cost of good can be refunded. We deduct the shipping cost out of free shipping price of the item and make the refund.
  • For more details please see our refund and cancellation policy.

*Estimated FedEx/DHL Express Shipping / Transit times. 

Your order will be delivered within the following days after order processing and local customs event completed. 

Order processing and handling time before shipment: 5-6 working days

The estimated delivery times after shipment

1-3 Days to the United States
1-3  Days to Canada
1-2 Days to European Union / Non-European Union Countries
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Leather Pillow Bag Shaper In Medium Size (13,9” X 7,48” )

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