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Bag and Purse Organizer with Flapper Style for Louis Vuitton Neverfull Models

Flapper style felt bag organizer for Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, Neverfull MM and Neverfull PM

Felt purse organizer with Flapper style has a new look and improved functionality.

The front flap add-on has an additional compartment and elastic bands for your pens and other items. The organizer has still wide front outside pockets covered up by the flap.

Easy to open and close with the adjustable snaps.  We used a standard layout with one round holder and an additional pen slot inside the organizer

The organizer is made of lightweight and soft 3 mm thick felt, so your items in your Louis Vuitton bag do not move or slide. You can keep your belongings organized and make them easy to find.

The felt organizer is sturdy enough to give your bag a shape.

Pocket Layout: The organizer has 13 pockets/compartments ( 5 regular interior pockets + 1 pen slot + 1 round holder + 2 outside pockets + 1 tablet PC pocket + 2 elastic bands + 1 flap pocket )

Best matching organizer colors with the Neverfull interior linings:

LV Interior: Pivoine interior / Organizer Color: Magenta
LV Interior: Rose Ballerine / Organizer Color: Blush
LV Interior: Brown / Organizer Color: Chocolate
LV Interior: Beige / Organizer Color: Mocha or Sandstone 

Colors: 29 Custom colors available. ( The color of the organizer at the images is "Mocha") 
*Please note the felt color may have some little tone differences compared to the color you see on the screen

The term 'Louis Vuitton' is a trademark of LVM. The purse
insert fits in Louis Vuitton bags but is not endorsed or certified by Louis Vuitton

About the organizer
Material Acrylic (polyester) Felt
Matching Model Neverfull
Number of Pockets (compartments) 13

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Made of synthetic 3 mm thick felt 

  • Dry clean is convenient or clean with damp cloth
  • Can not be bleached
  • Iron to press seams with cool steam setting if necessary
  • Remove food stains by scraping
  • Wipe off spills immediately
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Order processing and handling time before shipment: 5-6 working days

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Bag and Purse Organizer with Flapper Style for Louis Vuitton Neverfull Models

  • Brand: Louis Vuitton
  • Product Code: OC162
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  • US$54.99

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