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Birkin 35 Leather Handbag Organizer with Removable Top-Closure in Black Color

Stylish, Functional and Sturdy… Leather Bag Organizers with removable top closure is designed and handcrafted by Original Club for the luxury handbag owners.

Leather Organizer with top closure lets you organize the content of your bag while keeping the shape and protecting the original interior lining of your handbag. It perfectly matches with the lining of the Hermes Birkin 35 handbag. 

The organizer is secured with the removable lid on the top.  It is easy to open and close with the snap fasteners located at both sides of the organizer.
You can even completely remove the top lid up on your preference. 

Soft and thick leather has been reinforced with the thick lining fabric to make the organizer sturdy.

Our leather organizers come with the gold color metal key ring and lobster hook add-on attached inside the organizer to keep your keys organized and easy to be found in your Birkin 35 handbag

The leather organizer does not make your handbag look boxy when it is inserted into your bag and maintains the shape of your handbag.

Leather organizers contain no harsh plastics or cardboard sheetings which could harm the natural shape and material of the handbag.

Leather organizers with top closure were nicely and firmly finished with the same color stitching. The corners and edges are soft with the inward facing seams.

Weight: The weight of the organizer is about 350 grams ( 0.77 lbs)

Leather thickness (including the lining fabric): 2.5 mm (0.09”)

Material: Vinyl (faux) Leather ( non-toxic and phthalate-free )

Our quality leather organizer is cleaning friendly and doesn’t contain any harmful toxins.

Pocket configuration: Pockets provide with quick access to personal belongings like cell phones, glasses, keys, etc… The organizer has 5 interior pockets (2 regular pockets at each long side and 1 regular pocket at the narrow side )which are wide enough to accommodate a typical big size smartphone. The organizer has 1 round holder to accommodate bottles and other circular stuffings. 1 Long pocket on the long side of the organizer can accommodate tablets, slim type of laptops or books. The leather organizer has 7 pockets and a removable top closure in total.

Color: Black

Fits in Hermes' Birkin 35 model

The term 'Hermes' and associated model names are a trademark of Hermes Corp. The Purse
insert fits in Hermes bags but is not endorsed or certified by the Hermes brand.

About the organizer
MaterialVegan (Vinyl) Leather
Matching ModelBirkin
Number of Pockets (compartments)7
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Birkin 35 Leather Handbag Organizer with Removable Top-Closure in Black Color

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  • Brand: Hermes
  • Product Code: OC502
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  • US$59.99

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