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-33% Toiletry Pouch 26 Basic Style Nubuck Leather Handbag Organizer (More colors available)

A unique touch of leather to your Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26.

The nubuck has a beautiful soft semi sueded finish and a distressed, aged appearance.

Nubuck leather organizers have a soft feel of velvet and durability. It is stiff and lightweight material.

The thickness of the nubuck leather material is 1.5 mm ( 0.06 in)

About the material: Top layer is composed of 38% authentic calfskin leather 62% synthetic nubuck leather.
The interior lining is made of same color faux suede fabric feels soft to the touch.

Nubuck leather bag inserts organize the content of your Toiletry Pouch while keeping the shape and protecting the original interior lining.

The nubuck leather organizers are nicely and firmly finished with the same color stitching.
The corners and edges are soft with the inward facing seams.

Nubuck Leather cleaning brush is included in the package for the care of your organizer; effortlessly removes spots and stains from your nubuck leather organizer. Cleaning Brush is brass wired with a wooden handle. It works perfectly with any sprays, foams, erasers and cleaning kits. Check "How to care" tab for caring instruction and tips!

Color options: Black, Tan, Beige and Dark Gray (Color samples available at nubuck color chart tab below)

Pocket layout: Basic style organizer has four pockets in total ( 3 regular interior pockets +1 tablet PC / larger pocket )

Matching model: Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26

The term 'Louis Vuitton' is a trademark of LVM. The purse
insert fits in Louis Vuitton bags but is not endorsed or certified by Louis Vuitton

About the organizer
MaterialNubuck Leather (38% authentic calfskin leather 62% synthetic leather)
Organizer StyleBasic
Matching ModelToiletry Puch 26
Number of Pockets (compartments)4

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- Nubuck leather care won’t require all that much work. It can usually take care of itself. It should be cleaned periodically, or whenever you spot dust building up. Use a soft, clean cloth and stroke gently to pick up any contaminants.

- In the event of a spill, we advise using a very lightly damp rag for removal if fresh.

- If a stain has set, you could try to sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch over the stain and allow it to sit overnight. If the powder turns yellow in the morning, it’s picked up some stuff. Lightly brush it off and continue this process until the stain disappears. If this does not work, seek out a leather cleaner designed particularly for nubuck, or else visit a local leather professional to seek treatment.


Brushing: ( Nubuck cleaning and care brush is included in the package )
The Nubuck cleaning Brush (comes with the nubuck leather organizers) is brass wired with a wooden handle and is ideal for cleaning all items of suede. Simply brush over the article of nubuck to loosen and remove dirt trapped in the fibres.Brushing in multiple directions can help restore the overall lustre and nap to nubuck.
To keep its velvet-like nap, Nubuck must be brushed regularly, otherwise, over time it will flatten down and become shiny, and turn into smooth leather. ( Nubuck or suede brushes can be found online or local shoe stores )

Nubuck protection and water-proofing sprays can be used on the nubuck leather.
( Nubuck leather sprays can be found online or local shoe stores )


Avoid the following while using your nubuck leather item


Never use detergents, solvents, abrasives or leather cleaners.


Never try to dry clean or machine wash leather.


Animals transfer hair and body oils to nubuck leather which can cause irreparable damage. Always ensure that your pets have no direct body contact with nubuck leather surface.

Heat & Direct Sunlight

These will dry out and crack the leather. Avoid long periods of exposure to direct sunlight and heat.


Toiletry Pouch 26 Basic Style Nubuck Leather Handbag Organizer (More colors available)

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We do not fulfill orders on the weekend and public holidays.

  • US$59.99
  • US$39.99

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