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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How can I order a custom bag organizer for my handbag or tote bag?
A: You can send us a custom order request by e-mail from our contact page, or you can directly order with the custom organizer listings by writing the dimensions of the bag organizer into the text area in the options.


Q: How can I measure my bag for a custom size bag organizer?
A: First of all, make sure your bag is empty of items Then grab a measuring tape and turn the bag upside down. Firstly, measure the length (L) of the bottom of your bag then measure the width (W) of the bottom of the bag. Finally, measure the total height (H) of your bag and note it down. Check out our measurement guide for illustrations.


Q: How can I find the right size of the organizer to fit in my bag?
A: When you get the measurements of your bag, just apply the formula below:
The general formula to find out the correct size of the organizer to fit in your bag should be as follows: (Length) -0.5 in. (1.5 cm)  x  (Height) /2   x   (Width) -0.5 in. (1.5 cm).
For example ( if the measurements of your bag is 12 (L) x 12 (H) x 6 (W) inches, then the organizer size would be 11.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches )
TIP: If your bag has a removable base than you can easily measure the length and width of the base shaper to find the base size.


Q: I can’t decide on the size of the bag organizer, can you help me to find out?
A: Yes sure we can. Just send us an e-mail with the measurements of your bag. Please note, you will still need to measure the bag by your self.


Q: Can you custom make the size of an organizer according to the size details given on the website of bags?
A: No, we do not rely on the size details on websites. We always ask our customers to measure their bags to find the correct size of an organizer.


Q: Can you change the layout of the pockets or compartments of the organizers for me?
A: Mostly Yes, but it depends on the request. Sometimes there may be limitations to change the layout of an organizer. You can contact us for the plan or design you like to have.


Q: Would it be possible to custom make the size of any style of the organizer you have?
A:  Yes, but not all style of organizers fit well into any bag. For example, we do not prefer to put round holders into a small size organizer as it would occupy space in the bag or we also do not prefer to make round holders for the bags with a narrow depth. 




Q: Which shipping method do you use to dispatch the orders? 
We ship by UPS and DHL express shipping companies worldwide.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
Since most of our products are made to order, we process (make) the orders within 5-6 working days before shipment. We keep stock for some of our products like leather purse inserts, and we ship them within 24 hours after we receive the order. ( You can find shipping details on each product listing ) Delivery times after shipment varies according to the destination country:

3-4 Days to the United States
3-4  Days to Canada
1-2 Days to European Union / Non-European Union Countries
1-2 Days to the United Kingdom
3-4  Days to Australia
3-4  Days to Asia


Q: Can I get my order earlier in case of urgency?
A: It would depend on our workload. We try our best to ship the orders as early as possible. Contact us for your request.


Q: Do I need to sign for my order?
A: Yes, for security reasons express shipping companies require a signature. You can have your order delivered to a work address such as an office, just update the delivery address during checkout.


Q: Do you ship to PO Box / FPO - APO - DPO military addresses? 
A: Unfortunately, Express shipping companies do not make a delivery to PO box / FPO - APO - DPO military addresses. However, we can mail by postal service upon request.

Q: My order hasn’t arrived, can you help me?
A: Yes, if you have any problems with your order at all, just Contact Us, and we will help you to resolve your issue.


Q: Can the shipping company leave my package at the front door if I am not at home?
   We can not guarantee front door delivery with standard express shipping option as it is beyond our control. However, we can offer various handy and flexible delivery options by DHL on-demand delivery service which allows our customers to choose when and where to deliver the order. Contact Us to take the advantage of DHL on-demand flexible delivery.