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Other Accessories

Other Accessories

Various accessories for your handbag, tote bag or purses.

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Chain Protection Wrap For Flap Handbags ( More colors available)

The chain protection wraps were handcrafted to fit Chanel’s Flap handbag chain strap. The chain..


Louis Vuitton Inspired Bookmark Made with Upcycled Authentic Canvas

This authentic bookmark is for all book lovers. As every avid reader knows, you need a good bookmark..


LV Monogram Upcycled Case with Stainless Steel Thermos and Cup

An adorable set of leather tote (case) and stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle. The dami..


Personalized and Monogrammed Bag Hanger

Unique - Practical - Elegant! All describe this handy and stylish folding bag hanger with a customiz..


Upcycled LV Monogram Keychain Bag Light

Upcycled with the authentic monogram patterns of LV, our bag light emits a continuous soft glow to a..