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Keepall 45 Leather Bag Base Shaper, Luggage Bag Bottom Shaper

Handbags have a saggy look when you put your belongings into it.

Our quality vegan (faux) leather handbag bases shapers enhance the look of your Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 bag when you carry your bag on the go. Your handbag takes the shape and stylish look it deserves. Our quality leather bag shapers especially work well with the high capacity and heavy luggage bags like Keepall 45. 

Vegan (faux) leather handbag base shapers have a lightweight. Rounded corners and double stitched handmade leather provide ultimate structure for your handbag to avoid possible wear and tear.

Vegan (faux) leather handbag base shapers eliminate sag in your handbag. Your bag does not have a saggy-looking with up to 6lbs inside.Your handbag gets structured without having additional weight.

You can use the base shaper with the handbag organizers to get your bag more structured and organized.

Made of leather coated thick rounded board

Thickness: 6 mm (0.236 inches)

Available colors: Dark Beige and Cherry Red.

Fits in Louis Vuitton's Keepall 45 luggage bag.

The term 'Louis Vuitton' is a trademark of LVM. The base shaper
fits in Louis Vuitton bags but is not endorsed or certified by Louis Vuitton

About the organizer
MaterialVegan (Vinyl) Leather
Matching ModelKeepall

Order one item from Leather Bag Base Shapers and another item from Deluxe Leather Bag Organizers to get discount.



  • Avoid leaving the bag for extended periods in harsh sunlight because the biggest problem with faux /vegan leather is cracking. Sunlight can make the material brittle over time
  • We recommend applying natural baby oil to prevent the leather material against cracking by the exposure of temperature and sunlight over time. 
  • A damp cloth should be enough to remove any dust and grime. We recommend “vinegar” to be applied as a natural way to remove stains out of the material. Do not machine wash!
  • ​Avoid using harsh cleaners since these can affect the composition of the material and make it stiff.
  • Leather cleaners and conditioners can also be used for the vegan leather organizers
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Keepall 45 Leather Bag Base Shaper, Luggage Bag Bottom Shaper

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